Microscope Service & Repair

In addition to sales, Boston Microscopes specializes in the service and repair of microscopes. We service the entire Greater Boston and New England areas.

Whether you need cleaning, inspecting or repair, Boston Microscopes can fulfill all of your microscope servicing needs. Below is a list of all the services that we offer.

Services Available

  • Eyepieces Removed and Cleaned
  • Objectives Removed and Cleaned
  • Internal prisms and mirrors inspected and cleaned if necessary
  • Filters inspected and cleaned if necessary
  • Condenser Removed, Cleaned, and Aligned
  • Clean frame
  • Confirm functionality of head and oculars
  • Confirm functionality of nosepiece
  • Confirm functionality of objectives
  • Confirm functionality of XYZ axis
  • Confirm functionality of condenser iris, field iris, and Koehler Illumination
  • Confirm functionality of shutters
  • Add lubrication where necessary
  • Inspect electrical cord
  • Inspect socket and bulb
  • Check fuses
  • Inspect variable resistors and switches
  • Inspect controllers
  • Inspect circuit boards
  • Phase Contrast
  • Fluorescence
  • Shims to increase objective parfocality
  • Filters replaced
  • Excessive oil removal from condenser (included in overhaul)
  • Fine focus overhaul, Coarse focus overhaul, stage overhaul.
  • Cord Replacement
  • Bulb/ socket replacement
  • Switch Replacement, variable resistor replacement

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