89 North VCS Super Resolution addon

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Super-resolution system system with real time GPU processing.

  • Add-on to existing X-Light V2 system
  • Lateral resolution down to 150 nm
  • Axial resolution down to 300 nm

The Crest VCS is an optional video confocal super-resolution add-on for the X-Light V2 spinning disk confocal microscope system offering sunstantial improvement to the axial resolution (as low as 300 nm) of the X-Light V2. With an integrated bypass mode, the X-Light V2 + VCS enables widefield, confocal and enhanced axial, super-resolution imaging on the same system.


  • Camera size supported: Up to 22 mm diagonal
  • GPU requirements: 
    • Compute capability version: 5.0/5.2
    • GPU Memory: 4 Gb or higher
  • Dichroic size: 25.5 mm x 36 mm x 2 mm (Ultraflat recommended for VCS imaging)
  • Supported input fiber: 1.5 mm, 0.39NA multimode fiber with SMA adapter
  • Lateral resolution: Down to 150 nm, depending on pixel size, algorithm choice and number of images acquired.
  • Axial resolution: Down to 300 nm

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VCS Super Resolution addon