Accu-Scope EXC-350-PH Trinocular Phase Contrast Upright Microscope

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  • Trinocular with Turret Phase System
  • Trinocular viewing head, inclined 30°, rotatable 360°
  • WF10x/20mm focusing eyepieces with eyeguards
  • Reversed quintuple nosepiece
  • N.A. 1.25 Turret phase condenser
  • Objectives:
    • 10x Phase
    • 20x Phase
    • 40x Phase
    • 100x phase
  • Green filter and centering telescope
  • Mechanical stage with low position coaxial controls, right hand control
  • Coaxial coarse and fine focusing controls
  • 3 watt variable LED with field iris and dust cover

Infinity Plan Optics, Enhanced LED Illumination
ACCU-SCOPE’s new EXC-350 Series delivers a new level of optical performance, versatility and is built to last. With an enhanced, newly developed LED illumination system and our infinity plan objectives, the EXC-350 provides brighter, sharper and crisper images than ever before. The EXC-350 Series’ modular design is compatible with many accessories for fluorescence, phase contrast and darkfield applications.

Ease of Viewing
With newly designed WF10x/20mm focusable eyepieces and the ability to adjust the interpupillary distance adjustment by 180°, the EXC-350 Series offers best in class ergonomics at an affordable price.

Superb Optics With Higher Resolution & Clearer Images
ACCU-SCOPE’s infinity plan and S-Plan APO objectives offer industry leading quality for clinical, laboratory, research and advanced educational applications. These objectives provide crisp, high resolution, high contrast flat images over the entire 20mm field of view.

Versatile & Modular Design
The EXC-350 Series’ modular design allows for the simple and easy addition of filter sliders, phase contrast and a wide range of LED fluorescence options from FRAEN® and ScopeLED®

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EXC-350-PH Trinocular


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