Accu-Scope EXI-310-FL Trinocular Phase Contrast Fluorescence Inverted Microscope

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  • EXI-310 Trinocular Microscope Base
  • Trinocular viewing head, inclined 45°, light distribution binocular 100% or trinocular tube 100%
  • WF10x/22mm eyepieces with roll down eyeguards
  • Side facing quintuple nosepiece
  • Objectives
    • LWD infinity plan fluor 4x , N.A. 0.13, W.D. 18.52mm
    • LWD infinity plan phase 10x , N.A. 0.25, W.D. 7.94mm
    • LWD Infinity Plan Fluor Phase 20x, N,A. 0.45, W.D. 5.91mm
    • LWD Infinity Plan Fluor Phase 40x , N.A. 0.65, W.D. 1.61mm
  • Fluorescence
    • Fluorescence attachment with field iris, filter slider, with 3 position filter slider 2 filter positions, 1 BF position, UV protection plate
    • Choose One:
      • 100w Mercury w/ Power Supply
      • Upgrade to: Used Metal Halide
      • Upgrade to: New X-Cite 120Q System with iris, lamp and 1.5m LLG
      • Upgrade to: New X-Cite 110LED System with Adapter X-Cite 110LED, speedDIAL remote, 3mm x 1500mm Liquid Light Guide
      • Upgrade to: New X-Cite 120LEDmini System Includes:  LED head, miniCUBE controller, speedDIAL remote
      • Upgrade to: New X-Cite 120LEDBoost System Includes: LED head, powerCUBE controller, speedDIAL remote
      • Upgrade to: New X-Cite XYLIS LED Sustem, XT720S w/1.5m LLG, adaptor Includes: – X-Cite XYLIS (XT720S), speedDIAL remote, 3mm x 1500mm Liquid Light Guide
    • Filters (Additional filter sets are available)
      • DAPI, Exciter: AT350/50x, Dichroic: AT410DC, Emitter: AT460/50m
      • GFP, FITC, Exciter: AT480/30x, Dichroic: AT505DC, Emitter: AT535/40m
  • ELWD condenser, N.A. 0.3, Working Distance = 72mm
  • Pre-centered phase slider with 10x, 20x & 40x annuli, brightfield & filter slot
  • Attachable mechanical stage, right hand coaxial control, movement range 120 x 78mm with (1) auxiliary stage plate
  • Variable 5 watt LED illuminator
  • 45mm LBD filter, 550nm green interference filter and ground glass filter
  • Dust cover, power cord, Universal power supply 100 – 240v

New Compact, Inverted Microscope for Routine & Research Applications
Utilizing ACCU-SCOPE’s AIS optical system and LED illumination for both diascopic and epi-fluorescence imaging, the new EXI-310 microscope offers brilliantly clear images, enabling more efficient cell culture observation and digital imaging. The streamlined design and operation enhance its use for routine laboratory work, and the compact size allows the EXI-310 to easily fit into a hood or next to an incubator.

Streamlined Operation, Ergonomic Design
Ergonomically designed to ensure operator efficiency and comfort allowing for increased productivity.

New & Improved Phase Contrast
Incorporating new coatings, and a high intensity LED light source, the EXI-310 provides sharp, high contrast images at all magnifications.

Fluorescence, Bright Clear Images
With a wide range of Plan Fluor and Plan Fluor Phase objectives, the EXI-310 delivers a variety of magnification and observation methods for both routine and research applications. The EXI-310 offers a selection of LED, metal halide or mecury illuminators to meet the needs of any application.

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Tissue Culture


Brightfield Illumination Type


Contrast Technique

Brightfield, Phase Contrast, Fluorescence

Equipment Condition

Fluorescence Type


Imaging Capability

Trinocular / Camera Port

Microscope Type



EXI-310-FL3 Trinocular LED

Stage Type


Fluorescence Illuminator

100w Mercury w/ Power Supply, Used Metal Halide, New X-Cite 120Q Metal Halide System with iris, lamp and 1.5m LLG, New X-Cite 110LED System with Adaptor and 1.5mLLG, New X-Cite 120LEDminiSystem Including Flange, New X-Cite 120LEDBoost System Including Flange and Remote, New X-Cite XYLIS, XT720S w/1.5m LLG, adaptor, remote