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Accu-Scope EXI-600 LED Fluorescence Phase Contrast Inverted Microscope

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  • EXI-600 “INTELLIGENT” frame
    • 6-positon intelligent DIC nosepiece
    • 3-position light path changer (100% eyes, 100% left, 20% eyes/80% right)
    • Built-in 3-position mag changer (open, 1X, 1.5X)
    • Built-in electronic shutter
    • Built-in LCD illuminated screen, power cord
  • Tilt-back transmitted light pillar with condenser carrier, 3 swing-in 38mm filter holders
    • 10W LED light module
  • Trinocular viewing head, 45 deg. inclined, 3-way beam splitter (100% eyes, 20% eyes/80% up, 100% up), Built-in focusing bertrand lens
  • (2) SWF 10X/22mm focusing eyepiece
  • 6-position, multi-function turret condenser, N.A. 0.55, W.D. 26mm, BF, Ph1 ring, Ph2 ring, included
    • Optional DIC OR Modulation Contrast
  • Objectives (Additional Options Available)
    • S-APO 4x, N.A. 0.13 ,W.D. 16.2mm
    • S-APO 10x, N.A. 0.30, W.D. 15.7mm, 1.2mm, phase objective
    • S-APO 20x, N.A. 0.45, W.D. 7.5-8.8mm, w/correction collar (0-2mm), phase objective
    • S-APO 40x, N.A. 0.60, W.D. 3-4.4mm, w/correction collar (0-2mm), phase objective
  • 3-plate X-Y mechanical stage, arm (Long or Short) w/rectangular opening 160mm x 110mm (Optional Motorized Stage)
  • Epi-fluorescence illuminator w/ Intelligent 6-position cube turret:
    • Field diaphragm slider
    • Aperture diaphragm slider
    • UV shield
    • Fluorescence Filter Cubes (3 included Additional Options Available)
      • DAPI set, EX: 350/50x, BS: T400LP, EM: 460/50m
      • FITC/GFP set, EX: ET470/40x, BS: T495lpxr, EM: ET525/50m
      • TRITC set, Exciter: AT545/25x, Dichroic: AT565lpxr Emitter: AT605/70m
  • X-Cite® mini+ xtms led (365NM-700nm), direct mount, w/control pod, microscope adapter

ACCU-SCOPE EXI-600 Research Inverted Microscope


  • 3–camera ports: Left, Right, and top of trinocular, offering 100% left or top and 20/80 to right
  • “Intelligent” 6-place DIC nosepiece
  • “Intelligent” 6-position fluorescence filter cube turret
  • Back-Illuminated LCD front screen to display optics, filter cube positions and light intensity
  • Electronic push-button transmitted / reflected light shutter built into stand
  • 3-position magnification changer: open, 1X and 1.5X
  • Built-in focusing Bertrand lens for phase-contrast /DIC alignment
  • No separate power supply needed. Takes up less space on countertop
  • 5-year warranty on all optical, mechanical, and electrical components
  • Built-in LED transmitted illumination
  • Tilt-back illumination pillar
  • Orbital focusing mechanism for smooth and precise movement
  • 3-way light path selector: 100% left port, 20 eyes/80 right, 100% eyes/trinocular
  • Long handle or short handle x-y mechanical stages available

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Brightfield Illumination Type


Contrast Technique

Phase Contrast, Fluorescence

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Imaging Capability

Trinocular / Camera Port

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Stage Type

Fixed Plain, Mechanical

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