Andor IXon 3 DU-897E-CSO-#BV - 1-min
Andor IXon 3 DU-897E-CSO-#BV - 2-min Andor IXon 3 DU-897E-CSO-#BV - 4-min Andor IXon 3 DU-897E-CSO-#BV - 3-min Andor IXon 3 DU-897E-CSO-#BV - 6-min Andor IXon 3 DU-897E-CSO-#BV - 5-min

Andor IXon 3 DU-897E-CSO-#BV Back Illuminated EMCCD Monochrome Camera

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  • Active Pixels: 512 x 512
  • Pixel Size (W x H; μm): 16 x 16
  • Image Area (mm): 8.2 x 8.2
  • Active Area Pixel Well Depth (e-): 160,000
  • Max Readout Rate (MHz): 10
  • Frame Rates (frames per sec): 35 (full frame) – 549
  • Read Noise (e-):
    • 49 @ 10 MHz
    • < 1 with EM gain
  • QE max > 90%: (EX2 available)

iXon3 897
Ultimate Sensitivity
This highly popular back-illuminated 512 x 512 frame transfer model delivers unequalled thermoelectric cooling down to -100°C, industry-lowest clock induced charge noise, and operates at 35 fps (full resolution). Andor’s rapid vertical shift capability gives distinct speed advantages when operated with binning/sub-array, whilst minimizing vertical smear.
EMCCD and conventional CCD readout modes provide heightened application flexibility.
New EX2 Technology offers extended QE performance.

The 897 model has proven to be an extremely popular choice within biophysics, presenting an excellent combination of superior sensitivity, superb quantitative stability and rapid frame rate performance. The ultra low noise has also
rendered this model superb for single photon counting experiments, which offer a means to circumvent EMCCD multiplicative noise and further boosting S/N ratio.

Features & Benefits:

  • EX2 Technology: Extended QE response
  • TE cooling to -100°C: Critical for elimination of dark current detection limit.
  • Fringe Suppression: Reduced etaloning in NIR
  • RealGain: Absolute EMCCD gain selectable directly from a linear and quantitative scale.
  • OptAcquire: Optimize the highly flexible iXon3 for different application requirements at the click of a button.
  • Count Convert: Quantitatively capture and view data in electrons or incident photons. Applied either in real time or postprocessing, Count Convert does this important conversion for you.
  • EMCAL: Patented user-initiated self-recalibration of EM gain.
  • iCam: Exposure time fast switching provides market leading acquisition efficiency.
  • Minimal Clock-Induced Charge: Unique pixel clocking parameters, yielding minimized spurious noise floor.
  • UltraVac: Critical for sustained vacuum integrity and to maintain unequalled cooling and QE performance, year after year. 7 year vacuum warranty.
  • Cropped Sensor Mode: Specialized acquisition mode for continuous imaging with fastest possible temporal resolution
  • Spurious Noise Filter: Intelligent algorithms to filter clock induced charge events from the background. Real time or post-processing.
  • Enhanced Photon Counting Modes: Intuitive single photon counting modes to overcome multiplicative noise. Real time or post-processing.
  • Superior Baseline Clamp and EM Stability: Essential for quantitative accuracy of dynamic measurements.
  • Selectable amplifier outputs – EMCCD and conventional: ‘2 in 1’ flexibility. EMCCD for ultra-sensitivity at speed, conventional CCD for longer acquisitions.

Applications of the iXon3 897 include:

  • Single molecule detection
  • Super resolution (PALM, STORM)
  • TIRF microscopy
  • Spinning disk confocal microscopy
  • Selective/single plane illumination microscopy (SPIM)
  • Calcium flux
  • Whole genome sequencing
  • Microspectroscopy / Hyperspectral imaging
  • Lucky astronomy
  • Single Photon Counting

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35 fps


IXon 3 DU-897E-CSO-#BV

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