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Biorad Chemidoc Touch Imaging System

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  • Touch-screen functionality: Multi-touch capability (4 points), 12″ display
  • Maximum image area: 16.8 x 21 cm
  • Illumination modes:
    • Epi-white (standard)
    • Trans-UV, 302 nm (standard)
    • Trans-white (optional)
    • Trans-blue (optional)
  • Detector: Cooled CCD, 6MP
  • Camera cooling temperature: –25°C
  • Filter holder: 2 positions (1 for standard filter, 1 without filter for chemiluminescence)
  • Emission filters: Standard filter to perform protein and DNA gel and blot imaging
  • Dynamic range: >4 orders of magnitude
  • Pixel density (gray levels): 65,535
  • Data Output: 16 Bit or 8 bit; SCN, TIFF, JPEG
  • Instrument size (L x W x H): 61 x 51 x 53 cm
  • Instrument weight: 35 kg (78 lb)

Operating Ranges:  

  • Operating voltage: 100–250 V
  • Operating temperature: 10–28°C
  • Operating humidity: 10–85% relative humidity (noncondensing)

Automation Capabilities:  

  • Smart Tray Technology: The ChemiDoc Touch Imaging System automatically recognizes the application-specific trays and adjusts imaging parameters and software options accordingly
  • Autofocus (patent pending): Precalibrated focus for any zoom setting or sample height
  • Image flat fielding**: Dynamic; precalibrated and optimized for every application
  •  Auto-exposure:
    • 2 user-defined modes (rapid or optimal auto-exposure) for chemiluminescence
    • 2 user-defined modes (intense or faint bands) for non-chemiluminescence applications

The ChemiDoc Touch Imaging System from Bio-Rad is a complete solution for gel and western blot imaging. The system combines the sensitivity of film with advanced detection technology to determine the best exposure settings for publication-quality western blot images. The intuitive touch-screen interface enables simple acquisition with features such as image preview, auto-focus and optional exposure modes. Images can be viewed, compared, pinched and zoomed into on the 12″ touch screen with Image Lab Touch Software and exported via USB or network connection. In addition to chemiluminescent western blot detection, the product employs Smart Tray Technology for gel imaging. The system recognition of each tray automates the set-up of the chosen application, eg, UV transillumination or colorimetric stain detection.

The device also fully supports Bio-Rad’s stain-free in-gel technology, allowing rapid fluorescent detection of protein gels and blots and giving multiple points at which to visualise, verify and validate results. This enables western blot loading control normalisation by using total protein concentration values, calculated by Image Lab Software, which eliminates the need for housekeeping proteins.

The ChemiDoc Touch system is a compact and chemiluminescent-capable gel/blot imaging instrument. This instrument automates the process of selecting blot detection parameters and acquires high-quality and high-sensitivity gel and western blot images. It can do this with the tap of an on-screen button. The ChemiDoc Touch system uses Bio-Rad s Image Lab Touch software to control image capture and optimization for selected applications. You interact with the instrument via an integrated touch screen and a simplified user interface. Position the sample on a sample tray, choose the image acquisition presets, and acquire the image by tapping a button. Note: Image Lab Touch software does not support image analysis. Use Image Lab software version 5.2 or greater, running on a separate Windows-based computer, to analyze images acquired with the ChemiDoc Touch instrument.

The ChemiDoc Touch instrument supports the acquisition of images from a wide range of laboratory gels and blots. The instrument uses a super sensitive camera with a chargecoupled device (CCD) and a large maximum-aperture lens that provides high chemiluminescent sensitivity. The imager has a built-in UV transilluminator and white LEDs for epi (reflective) illumination. The imager works with gels and blots stained with a wide range of dyes and fluorophores. Additional features include:

  • Support for chemiluminescent imaging, colorimetric western blotting applications, and DNA/protein gel visualization
  • Dynamic flat fielding specific to each application


  • Chemiluminescence: Yes
  • Fluorescence: Yes
  • Colorimetry/densitometry: Yes
  • Gel documentation: Yes

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