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Keyence BZ-9000E BIOREVO Motorized Inverted Fluorescence Phase Contrast Microscope

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  • Keyence BZ-9000E inverted fluorescence phase-contrast microscope
  • Objectives (Many Additional Options Available):
    • Plan Fluor 4x/.13
    • Plan Fluor 10x/.3 pH1 DL
    • Plan Fluor 20x/.5
    • S Plan Fluor ELWD 20x/0.45
    • Plan Fluor 40x/.75
  • Filer Cubes: Red, Green, Blue (Many Additional Options Available)
  • Multi-color: allows 4 channels
  • Modules: Z-Stack, Merge, MultiPoint, Time-Lapse
  • CCD Camera: 2/3 inch, 1.5 mp monochrome; colorized with LC filter for color imaging
  • Computer with BZ-II Viewer, BZ-II Resizer
  • BZ-II Analyzer software (analysis dongle required Appx Price: $7100)


Microscope block:

  • Basic optical system: Inverted, fluorescent phase-contrast microscope
  • Objective lens: Infinity optical system Nikon CFI60 series
  • Observation method: Brightfield, fluorescence, phase contrast (ph1, 2)
  • Objective switching: Electric revolver with 6 holes
  • Imaging optical system: Fixed imaging lens, motorized liquid crystal filter switching mechanism
  • Motorized XY stage: Stroke 40 x 40 mm, minimum 1μm pitch
  • Motorized Z stage: Stroke 8 mm, minimum 0.1μm pitch
  • Motorized filter turret: Maximum 4 installable, automatic position recognition, automatic excitation at replacement OFF
  • Fluorescent incident illumination: Rod fiber optic system
  • Reduced fluorescent mechanism: 
    • Motorized reduction (5%, 10%, 20%, 40%, 100%)
    • 1 x manual slot (diffuse)
  • Transparent illumination optical system: Operation distance 30 mm, flip-up mechanism (with lamp auto OFF function)
  • Transparent illumination mechanism:
    • Motorized switching, motorized bright field aperture stop (10 – 100%)/
    • phase contrast slit (ph1/2)
  • Halogen lamp: 12V 100W, 1000-hour life
  • Super-high-compression mercury lamp: 120W 2000-hour life, no optical axis adjustment required
  • Black space: Dark room at stage block

Camera block:

  • Image pickup device: 2/3-inch, 1.5 mega pixels monochrome CCD*1 (colored by a LC filter)
  • Output signal, gradation: Monochrome 12-bit, RGB 8-bit each
  • Frame rate:
    • 15 frame/sec. (max 100 frame/sec when binning)
    • 7.5 frame/sec at 12-bit monochrome and color
  • Binning: On-chip binning (2 x 2, 4 x 4, 8 x 8)
  • ROI (partial scan): Available
  • CCD cooling mechanism: Peltier cooling: 5°C (ambient temperature -25°C)
  • Recording pixels: Max 4080 x 3072 (12.5 mega pixels, high-quality interpolation)
  • Capturing motion pictures:
    • 8-bit monochrome 1360 x 1024: 15 fps or less
    • Binning 680 x 512: 30 fps, 336 x 248: 60 fps, 168 x 120: 100 fps
    • 12-bit monochrome 1360 x 1024: 7.5 fps
  • Electronic shutter: Auto, 1/12000 – 60 seconds (144 steps)
  • AE: Desired area, average/peak
  • Gain: 0 dB, +6 dB, +12 dB, +18 dB, +24 dB
  • White balance: Pushset, manual
  • Black balance: Pushset, manual

Software block:

  • Electric revolver control driver software: Driver software for the motorized revolver control by mouse operations
  • Electric stage control driver software: Driver software for the motorized XY stage control by mouse operations
  • Motorized turret zoom control driver software: Not included
  • Motion picture Recording software: Motion picture Recording software
  • Multicolor Photo software: Software which instantly switches images from 4 channels and captures MultiColor & Z-stack Photo software: Not included
  • Z-stack Photo software: Software which moves the stage on the Z-axis and captures Z-stack image
  • Multipoint Photo software: Software which moves the motorized XY stage to the predetermined XY coordinates and captures
  • Merge Photo software: Software which merges and composes adjacent images of the XY direction
  • Quick full focus software: Software which composes an overall focused image while moving the motorized Z stage
  • Measurement software: Dimension measurement software
  • Scale display software: Not included

Main unit:

  • Supported OS: Windows XP SP2 and later
  • PC interface: IEEE1394a
  • Operating temperature range: +15 to 35°C
  • Operating humidity range: 35 to 80% RH (No condensation)
  • Outside dimensions: H 493 x W 345 x D 592 mm*2
  • Weight: 34 kg (without the objective lens)
  • Power voltage: AC100-240 V 50/60 Hz
  • Current consumption: 400 VA
  • Overvoltage category: II
  • Pollution degree: 2

The BZ-9000 (BIOREVO) represents a revolutionary approach to conventional fluorescence microscopy. This fully-integrated system is capable of performing fluorescence, bright field and phase-contrast imaging on a variety of specimen holders (slides, dishes, well-plates, etc.) – without the need for a darkroom. By integrating a fully motorized, six-objective lens revolver, motorized stage, electronically-controlled filter turret and built-in sample enclosure, the BZ-9000 is able to reduce the amount of tabletop space required for a conventional fluorescence microscope by over 40%.

Conventional fluorescence microscopes can generally be difficult and tedious to operate, requiring multiple steps when trying to switch between fluorescent channels when overlaying images from several fluorescent filters. The BIOREVO is able to switch between up to four different fluorescent channels with just a click of the mouse, automatically adjusting the filter, exposure time, etc. This simplified process is able to dramatically reduce the amount of time needed to perform research and analysis, while preserving the longevity of the specimen.

While conventional systems require a user to manually switch between monochrome and color imaging modes (usually with two separate cameras), the BZ-9000 incorporates a single high-resolution, high-sensitivity 12-bit monochrome camera that can easily switch to color imaging with the click of a mouse. A unique navigation system allows users to easily locate areas of interest on a specimen when at high-magnification by using a low-magnification image for reference.

The BZ-9000 is also able to overcome limitations associated with traditional fluorescence microscopes by incorporating a Z-stack and image stitching function. Users can stitch up to 1,200 images in XY directions to capture a large field-of-view, even when at high-magnification. A Quick Full Focus and Z-stack function captures fully-focused images in a matter of seconds.

The BIOREVO also provides options for quantitative analysis, including standard two-dimensional measurements, cell counting and brightness analysis. A Real-Time 3D Module is able to generate a three-dimensional image of a fluorescent specimen, eliminating some of the reliance on laser confocal systems.

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