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Leica CME Binocular Upright Microscope

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The Leica CM E has been specially designed not only to satisfy the growing demands for performance in a first level university microscope but also to set new standards. It is unique in its design, user-friendliness and performance.

The compact size of the Leica CM E keeps key controls within easy reach for long spells of fatigue-free microscopy and takes up less table and storage space. Besides being easy to carry, it has 360° rotatable viewing bodies for comfortable sharing.


  • Superb E2 series optics provide brilliant, high contrast imaging quality
  • Optics are interchangeable with E1 series
  • Durable metal construction will provide years and years of high performance
  • Long life illumination system saves on lamp replacement cost
  • Meets or exceeds international safety standards of UL, cUL, VDE, CE and EMC. Check and see if your current instruments are protected!
  • Anti-Fungus / Mold warranty protects your investment
  • Self adjusting, maintenance free focus mechanism prevents stage drift for the life of the instrument
  • Rear facing nose piece system allows easy access to specimens


  • Leica CME Base
  • Binocular
  • Eyepieces: (2)x E2 WF 10x/18 Eyepieces
  • Illumination:
    • Brightfield
  • Objectives (Additional Configurations Available):
    • E2 Achro 4x/.1
    • E2 Achro 40x / .65
    • E2 Achro 10x / .25
    • E2 Achro 100x / 1.25 Oil

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