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Leica MZ9.5 Binocular Stereo Microscope

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Key Features

  • Basic magnification range is 6.3x to 60x with a 10x eye piece
  • Plain Focusing Stand
  • Ultra flat field of view
  • Infinity optical system assures fatigue free viewing
  • Magnification changer; 9.5:1 zoom, 8 engageable positions for exact magnification reproducibility
  • Field of view diameter range with 10x eyepieces; 3.5mm – 33.3mm, extended range 0.5mm – 105mm
  • Basic working distance; 81mm, extended range 27mm – 297mm
  • Patented antistatic material
  • Widest range of ergonomic accessories
  • Motor focus for repetitive tasks
  • Achromatic, planachromatic and planapochromatic objectives
  • 360° rotatable optics carrier
  • Stereoscopic or vertical observation
  • Complete interchangeability of accessories between other similar Leica stereomicroscopes
  • Near vertical illuminator (5° off-axis) available for animal surgery & imaging cracks or fissures

The Leica MZ9.5 high-performance stereomicroscope features an advantageous 9.5:1 zoom ratio and magnifications up to 480x. The high resolution up to 300 line pairs per millimeter, extremely high image contrast and amazing sharpness offer the ultimate in image fidelity and data transfer for critical inspection applications.

The Leica MZ9.5 stereomicroscope features an innovative design and optimized technology. Designers have paid special attention to ergonomic aspects to ensure fatigue-free work. Infinity optical design assures no eye strain regardless of how many hours one spends viewing.

The 1.0x planachromatic objective has a long working distance of 81mm. The three-dimensional imaging allows highly topographical, as well as flat specimens, to be observed. The 1.0x planapochromatic objective delivers unbeatable color correction and faithful reproduction of the finest details.

The Leica MZ9.5 stereomicroscope is ideally suited for observing transparent, low-contrast objects commonly found in medicine and biology applications, and meets all specifications relating to quality and inspection functions. Because of its modular design, its complete range of accessories, and the widest ergonomics program on the market, the Leica MZ9.5 stereomicroscope accommodates the needs of various users and meets the demands of various applications.

Leica Microsystems offers the widest range of observation tubes and ErgoModules. This means that the Leica MZ9.5 stereomicroscope adapts to every user in any situation, providing fatigue-free working with relaxed body posture and head position.

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MZ9.5 Binocular

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