NIGHTSEA DFP Dual Fluorescent Protein Excitation Flashlight

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Filter Set Excitation Emission Fluorophores
RB – Royal Blue 440-460nm 500nm LP GFP, fluorescein, lucifer yellow, …
CY – Cyan 490-515nm 550nm LP YFP, Venus, …
GR – Green 510-540nm 600nm LP DsRed, TdTomato, RFP, …
VI – Violet 400-415nm 460nm LP BFP, CFP, …
UV – Ultraviolet 360-380nm 415nm LP DAPI, …



  • Dimensions: 5 x 3 x 2
  • Battery Type: 4 C-cell
  • Bulb Type: Two high intensity 3W LED
  • Burn Time: 4 hours at full power
  • Lamp Life: 10,000 hours

Matching filter glasses and carrying case Included

The Model DFP Dual Fluorescent Protein Flashlights include two different, switch-selectable high intensity LEDs for excitation of fluorescent proteins. For years the most popular fluorescent colors have been green (GFP, eGFP, fluorescein, etc.) and red (DsRed, TdTomato, etc.), and we offered only one version of the DFP, with a combination of blue and green LEDs for exciting these fluorophores. This is still our ‘standard’ DFP product, but we are now offering build-to-order combinations using any two of the excitation colors that are available with our popular Model SFA Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter.

With every DFP light you will receive two pairs of barrier filter glasses and a convenient storage case. The glasses are well matched to the excitation so that they block the reflected excitation light while transmitting the fluorescence with high efficiency, providing excellent viewing contrast.

This is an convenient alternative to built in fluorescence for your microscopy and portable live fluorescent viewing needs.

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Equipment Condition

Fluorescence Type





Microscope Type

Stereo / Dissecting

Fluorescence Cube

Cyan and Green, Royal Blue and Cyan, Royal Blue and Green, Ultraviolet and Cyan, Ultraviolet and Green, Ultraviolet and Royal Blue, Ultraviolet and Violet, Violet and Cyan, Violet and Green, Violet and Royal Blue