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Nikon SMZ1270 Ergo Trinocular Stereo Microscope with Takai Hit Heated Thermo Plate

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  • Nikon SMZ1270 Stereo Microscope with Ergonomic Trinocular Head
  • Takai Hit Heated Thermo Plate and TPX-UNI-Y Controller
  • DI TLB3000 Transmitted Light Base
  • (2x) C-W 10xB/22 Eyepieces
  • Plan Apo 1x WF WD:70 Objective
  • Zoom Ratio: 12:7 : 1
  • Zoom Range: .63x – 8x

The SMZ1270 offers the highest-in-class zoom ratio of 12.7x (0.63 – 8x). It offers wide viewfield at low magnification, enabling easy confirmation of observation targets, while its cutting-edge optics provide bright and sharp images through the entire viewfield.

With the LED Diascopic Illumination Stand and Fiber Diascopic Illumination Stand, focus control during observation is possible using the dial in front of the base and  image contrast under OCC illumination can be easily adjusted.

Microscope-Stage Automatic Thermocontrol System
Tokia-Hit ThermoPlates ensure more accurate and more reliable thermal control of the specimens during the observation under a microscope. The temperature distribution over the plate is very even. Wide product range supports Biotechnology Science and Industry.

Clear Glass Heater

  • The Thermoplate utilizes a special transparent heating material coated onto a hard glass.
  • The TPi series themoplates now come with a 10 year free-repair service for glass breakage
  • The Thermoplate can be used for observing or manipulating specimen under phase contrast and polarization.
  • The flat plate surface ensures easy operation of the microscopes and relocation of specimen.
  • Plate LED Indicator — Green LED lights up when the glass heater is ready


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