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Olympus IX3-DSU / IX83 Biological Disk Scanning Microscope

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  • Confocal scan method: Disk rotation method (Provided with standard DSU-D2)
  • Field number: 11 (only for camera observation)
  • Observation mode: Exchange between confocal and non-confocal modes can be performed through the software
  • ND filter for excitation: An ND filter will be inserted automatically at the exchange of confocal and non-confocal modes
  • Electromagnetic shutter for excitation: Can be controlled through the software
  • Attaching Camera: C mount (1-32UNF)


  • Olympus IX83 Base
  • Trinocular
  • Eyepieces: (2)x WH10x-H/22
  • Illumination:
    • Brightfield
    • DIC
    • Phase Contrast
      • Condenser NA 0.030
    • Illuminator (Choose One)
      • 100w Mercury w/ Power Supply
      • Upgrade to: Used Metal Halide
      • Upgrade to: New X-Cite 110LED System with Adapter X-Cite 110LED, speedDIAL remote, 3mm x 1500mm Liquid Light Guide
      • Upgrade to: New X-Cite mini + System Includes:  LED head, miniCUBE controller, speedDIAL remote Includes: – LED head, miniCUBE controller, speedDIAL remote, – Microscope Coupling Flange
      • Upgrade to: New X-Cite XYLIS, XT720S w/1.5m LLG, adaptor Includes: – X-Cite XYLIS (XT720S), speedDIAL remote, 3mm x 1500mm Liquid Light Guide

      Filters (Additional Configurations Available):

      • DAPI
      • FITC
      • CY5
  • Objectives (Additional Configurations Available):
    • UplanFL 4x/.13
    • UplanFL 10x/.30 Ph1
    • LCplanFL 20x/.40 Ph1
    • LCplanFL 40x/.60 Ph2
  • Type of Stage: Prior H117P1XD/C with Proscan III controller and Joystick
  • Focusing Motorized focus; Stroke: 10.5 mm Resolution: 0.01 μm
  • Light Path selection: Motorized 0:100/50:50/100:0(Left side port:BI port)
  • Motorized Components
    • Nosepiece: Motorized sextuple with simple waterproof structure
    • Filter Turret
    • Condenser
  • Additional Accessories:
    • IX3 CBH
    • I3-TPC Touch Panel Controller
    • U-MCZ

The DSU (Disk Scanning Unit) is compatible with both inverted  and upright microscopes, including the motorized IX83 and BX61 making it an ideal imaging system for automated Z-stack, 3-D image analysis.

  • The DSU is excellent for live-cell applications where speed of acquisition and low phototoxicity is paramount.
  • Five disks of varying slit width and spacing and one pinhole disk are available, allowing the user to optimize disk performance to different objective numerical apertures and specimen thicknesses.

The Olympus IX83 inverted microscope has been integrated into IXplore systems. IXplore Systems are designed to provide solutions-based packages that suit your research application needs.

Expandable to Meet Growing Research Needs
The fully-motorized IX83 is designed to satisfy a variety of research needs. With additional modules providing expanded functionality, both microscope options enable a multitude of imaging techniques, ranging from casual documentation to long-term time-lapse imaging and other demanding techniques.
The unique open frame of the IX83 provides ready access to the light path, thus making it easy to add or change modules. A variety of deck modules can be easily exchanged to add or remove functions as needed. With a simple slide-in design, the TruFocus Z drift compensator module can be easily added to any IX83 system to maintain continuous focus throughout an extended time-lapse experiment.

IX83: One-deck System

An intelligent, motorized microscope featuring a large field number (FN22, left side port) and TruFocus compatibility, thus creating a new standard for live cell imaging.

Additional information


Equipment Condition


IX3-DSU System



Contrast Technique

Brightfield, Fluorescence, DIC

Fluorescence Type

Mercury, Metal Halide, LED

Imaging Capability

Trinocular / Camera Port

Microscope Type


Stage Type


Brightfield Illumination Type


Fluorescence Illuminator

100w Mercury w/ Power Supply, Used Metal Halide, New X-Cite 120Q Metal Halide System with iris, lamp and 1.5m LLG, New X-Cite 110LED System with Adaptor and 1.5mLLG, New X-Cite 120LEDminiSystem Including Flange, New X-Cite 120LEDBoost System Including Flange and Remote, New X-Cite XYLIS, XT720S w/1.5m LLG, adaptor, remote