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Photometrics CoolSNAP HQ CCD Monochrome Camera

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  • CCD image sensor: Sony ICX285; progressive-scan CCD
  • CCD format:
    • 1392 x 1040 imaging pixels;
    • 6.45 x 6.45-µm pixels;
    • 8.77 x 6.6-mm imaging area (optically centered)
  • Linear full well:
    • 15,000 e- (single pixel);
    • 30,000 e- (2×2 binned pixel)
  • Read noise:
    • 6 e- rms @ 10 MHz
    • 8 e- rms @ 20 MHz
  • Nonlinearity: <1%
  • Readout bits/speed: 12 bits @ 20 MHz or 10 MHz; software selectable
  • Frame readout: 100 ms/frame
  • CCD temperature: -30˚C regulated
  • Video output: RS170/PAL selectable
  • Dark current: 0.05 e- /p/s (-30˚C)
  • Operating environment: 0 to 30˚C ambient, 0 to 80% relative humidity noncondensing

The Photometrics CoolSNAPHQ Monochrome camera is a fast, high-resolution digital camera system designed for low-light scientific and industrial applications. This cooled CCD camera system provides 12-bit digitization at both 10 MHz and 20 MHz. The fine pitch of the pixels, 6.45 x 6.45 microns, is ideally matched to the resolution of optical microscopes. Megapixel resolution and small pixels allow imaging of very fine detail, yet the pixels can be easily binned to improve sensitivity. New interline CCD technology provides high quantum efficiency, most notably in the near-infrared (NIR) portion of the spectrum.

Features and Benefits:

  • 10-MHz and 20-MHz digitization: Dual-mode readout for high-speed and high-sensitivity
    image capture
  • 1392 x 1040 imaging array: Resolves fine detail
  • 6.45 x 6.45-µm pixels: Ideally matched to optical microscope
  • Interline, progressive-scan CCD: Electronic shuttering eliminates camera vibration and facilitates fast triggering
  • Flexible binning and readout: Increases light sensitivity while increasing the frame rate
  • 12-bit digitization: Quantifies both bright and dim signals in the same image
  • Thermoelectric cooling: Long integration times for higher sensitivity
  • Enhanced quantum efficiency: Provides higher sensitivity, especially in the NIR, than typical interline cameras
  • C-mount: Easily attaches to microscopes, standard lenses, or optical equipment
  • PCI interface: Works with PC, Macintosh, or Linux
  • Video output: Compatible with standard video equipmen

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1.4 Megapixels

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