Z10 Series Coaxial LED Iris Camera-min
Z10 Series Binoc LED Stand-min

Unitron Z10 Zoom Trinocular Stereo Microscope .8x-8x Zoom Range (Choice of Stand)

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  • Binocular viewing head, inclined at 20°, WF10x eyepieces with built-in diopter adjustment
  • Beam splitter options for trinocular
    • Beam splitter, 2 position (100:0/80:20), includes photo tube which accepts optional 0.5x or 1x c-
    • Dual port beam splitter, 3 position (100:0/80:20/80:20), includes photo tube which accepts optional 0.5x or 1x c-mount
  • 24mm field of view – accepts 26.5mm reticle.
  • Zoom Range: 0.8x to 8x zoom range
  • Zoom Ratio: 10:1 zoom ratio,
  • 360° rotatable with dual lateral zooming knobs with on/off click stops
  • 1.0x plan achromat objective, N.A. 0.09 W.D. 78mm

The UNITRON Z10 Series is a modular system designed to deliver exceptional ergonomic and optical performance. The Z10 Series is an ideal choice for medical device manufacturer’s, industrial inspection and assembly, quality control, OEM integration and research applications.

Users can select either an ergo tilting binocular head with an adjustable viewing angle of 0° – 45° for true fatigue-free viewing, or a binocular head with a 20° angle and extended eyetubes for maximum viewing comfort. All systems can easily add a photo port/beam splitter for attaching a camera to enable image capture or output to a video monitor.

The Z10 Series offers a high depth of focus and resolution up to 289 lpm. Systems can be configured with a 10:1 (Z10), 8:1 (Z8) or a 6.3:1 (Z6) zoom ratio providing flexibility and value.

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Unitron Z10 Binocular