Zeiss AxioCam ICc 1 1.4MP CCD Color Microscope Camera

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Zeiss AxioCam ICc 1 r.3


  • Sensor: Sony ICX 267, progressive readout, RGB filter mask
  • CCD basic resolution: 1392 x 1038 = 1.4 megapixels
  • Pixel size: 4.65 µm x 4.65 µm
  • Sensor size: 6.3 mm x 4.8 mm, equivalent 1/2″ (diagonal 7.9 mm)
  • Spectral range: Approx. 400 nm-700 nm, IR-Filter
  • Max. file size per image: Approx. 4.3 MB at 1392 x 1038 pixels at 3 x 8 bits (24 bit color depth)
  • Readout of subframes (ROI): Freely selectable
  • Signal amplification: 24 dB analog
  • Digitization: 3 x 8 bits/pixel
  • Interface: FireWire IEEE 1394a (400 megabits/s)
  • Range of integration time: 1 ms up to 4 s
  • Live image:
    • 17 fps at 1392 x 1038 pixels, full frame
    • 28 fps at 768 x 520 pixels, subframe
    • 30 fps at 600 x 480 pixels, subframe
  • Optical interface: C-Mount
  • Housing: 44 mm x 44 mm x 42.5 mm
  • Operating system:
    • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
    • Microsoft Windows XP Professional
  • Registration: CE
  • Power supply: 10-33 V, DC, 3 W power supply provided by FireWire bus from PC (external power supply only for
    notebook operation required)
  • Ambient condition: +5° to +45° Celsius, max. 80% relative humidity, (operation) no condensation, free air circulation required

The Economical Entry-level Camera for Digital Image Documentation and Analysis in Laboratory and Routine Work

Compact, versatile, and easy to operate. With two new color cameras in the AxioCam family, Carl Zeiss increased the options for entering the world of Digital Imaging to everyone. Used in combination with educational microscopes and  stereomicroscopes, AxioCam IC offers good image quality for a range of applications. The full integration of the smallest products from the Carl Zeiss “Blues” into the AxioVision system software satisfies many routine requirements
in everyday materials and laboratory microscopy: documentation, measurement and analysis techniques as well as Z-stack images. This camera is a new professional solution for high resolution, color, speed, and reliability.

Speed: AxioCam ICc 1
AxioCam ICc 1 with its 1.4-megapixel resolution is perfect for applications that demand a responsive live image. The 1/2″ CCD sensor reads out the image quickly, and the FireWire connection transfers it to your PC in real time. The exposure time is adjustable between 1 millisecond and 4 seconds. Greater speeds can be achieved by setting the desired frame (ROI):
depending on the exposure time, AxioCam ICc 1 can acquire rapid time lapse images at up to 30 images a second.

Intelligent integration:
with AxioVision anything is possible Diverse applications demand performance. You can use AxioCam IC with AxioVision software modules for botany, zoology, pathology and histology applications as well as in damage documentation and
analysis, quality testing, production control and forensics. Brightfield applications or other techniques with sufficient light intensity are ideals for Axio Cam IC cameras. AxioVision LE is provided with AxioCam IC creating a great combination with image processing and analysis capabilities.

System solutions with AxioCam IC:
Integrated into the system and interacting perfectly with the microscope and the AxioVision software, AxioCam IC demonstrates an impressive performance spectrum. Depending on requirements, it can be used for training and in research tasks. AxioCam IC can be combined with all microscopes and systems such as Axio Observer, Axio Imager, SteREO Discovery and Primo Star. It is mounted very quickly and easily with the C-mount adapter and it is immediately ready for use.

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Axiocam ICc 1

Camera Resolution

1.4 Megapixels