Zeiss AxioCam MRc 1-min
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Zeiss AxioCam MRc 1.4MP Color Microscope Camera

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  • Number Of Pixels: 1388 X 1040
  • Pixel Size: 6.45 um X 6.45 um
  • Chip Size: 2/3″
  • Spectral Range: With IR Barrier Filter 350nm to 700nm Adjustable Readout of Sensor Subregion Digitization 12Bit/24.57 MHz Pixel Clock
  • Dynamic Range: 2200:1
  • Dark Current: 0.7 E/P/S
  • Integration Time: 1ms To 60 ms
  • Cooling: One Stage Peltier Cooling
  • Control Signals: TTL Output for Controlling of External Shutters
  • Interface: Firewire/IEEE1394 Interface6 Pin Jack, 5M Cable
  • Optical Interface: C-Mount
  • Size/Weight: 11Cm X 8Cm X 4.5Cm, 370G
  • Required: Axiovision or Axiovision LE Version 4.5 or Higher

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Color or Monochrome


Equipment Condition


MRc r3.1

Camera Resolution

1.4 Megapixels